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Nfonix is hiring

Vacancy: Mobile Software Developer

Nfonix is a small but growing mobile app development company based in Cambridge, developing bespoke native iOS and Android apps for clients, along with its own apps and software platforms.

We are looking for a junior software developer to assist with development, maintenance and testing of Android phone and tablet apps. The developer will participate in the entire app lifecycle, from concept development to delivery and post launch support.
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Taming the Lion – Mac OS 10.7 first impressions

Taming the Lion – Mac OS 10.7 first impressions

Right, so the latest incarnation of Mac OS X has finally been unleashed. I installed my update yesterday so I thought I’d share my first impressions after a day’s use.

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Fixed: Strange XCode warnings when adding new Obj-C class

Why coffee and iPhone development don’t mix

I’ve been having strange warning messages appear in my project every time I add a new class for quite a while now – I had hoped upgrading to XCode 4 would resolve the problem, but unfortunately it did not.

The error message that occurs is this:

[WARN]warning: no rule to process file '$(PROJECT_DIR)/Project.xcodeproj/ProjectHeader.h' of type sourcecode.objj.h for architecture i386

As it turns out, it actually was nothing to do with XCode itself, rather my choice of coffee…
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