Conference & event app platform

Conference & event app platform

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We’ve been hard at work lately, enhancing our conference & event app platform, which can help events organisers and venues deliver an electronic event programme for visitors and delegates.

With a number of events using our platform regularly, we have been working to provide an event management portal where organisers can easily upload and edit their event data prior to their app release, and even make last minute changes and push updates remotely to existing app users.

Using our event app platform now provides the following benefits:

  • Allow visitors to get the most from their time at your event, planning their schedule ahead of time
  • Visitors have access to all the information they need on the device already in their pocket, no need to carry around a hefty printed volume
  • Information can be searched, bookmarked and timed reminders set
  • Change of rooms/speakers/exhibitors can be updated instantly even after the event has started
  • Exhibitors can provide extra information about their products and services
  • Visitors can initiate contact with exhibitors and book appointments in advance
  • Exhibition floor is easier to navigate with interactive, searchable maps
  • Sponsorship opportunities provide potential extra revenue
  • Additional material can be included (e.g. video content, PDFs)
  • Timed reminders for keynote presentations can be pre-set by the event organiser
  • Visitors can take notes during lectures
  • The event programme/schedule can also be viewed on the web and integrated to the event organiser’s website

The app can be customised to suit any event, including the structure of your programme (e.g. multiple streams, sessions/lectures), branding, venues etc. Details of speakers, bio’s, contact details, social programmes can also be included. The platform also provides multiple interactive event maps allowing users to find halls, rooms and exhibitors or categories of exhibitors.

For international events, support for multiple languages is provided.

The event self-service management portal is coming soon and we will post more news once it’s live. In the meantime our team will continue to publish our customer’s event apps and data updates on their behalf.

If you would like to find out more, or have an event you would like to create an app for, please contact us.

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