Rossdales Lab Guide

Rossdales Lab Guide

Rossdales Guide to Equine Clinical Pathology – an invaluable resource for all involved in equine practice

Based on the Rossdales booklet ‘Beaufort Cottage Laboratories Guide to Equine Clinical Pathology’, the Rossdales Lab Guide is an interactive app available for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, and provides a wealth of useful data and information supplied by the Beaufort Cottage Laboratories team of experienced equine pathologists. The App is free and available in the App Store now!


– Introduction and contact information for Rossdales and Beaufort Cottage Laboratories.

– Categorised list of diseases and conditions, and a breakdown of potentially useful tests.

Lab Tests:
– Detailed descriptions, explanations and advice on various kinds of laboratory tests.
– Keyword search: tap the search button and enter a search keyword to find the information you require quickly and easily.

– Guidelines on how to collect and package samples to be sent for testing.
– Detailed list and information on sampling equipment to be used for collection of samples to perform different tests.
– In App sample referral form: save time by completing your details in the app, and submit sample information electronically. A reference number will be generated to attach to any samples submitted for analysis.

Reference Ranges:
– List of chemical parameters and reference ranges to assist with interpreting laboratory results.
– Ranges grouped into 7 categories including non-thoroughbred horses, thoroughbred yearlings, and thoroughbred horses in training.


  1. Tap the book button to quickly get a list of sections and navigate to the information you want (iPad only)
  2. Double tap the title bar to quickly expand/collapse all title headings
  3. Quickly find the reference results you want by using the search bar at the top of the table
  4. Tap on images/graphs to see a larger version

For more information visit the Rossdales web site.

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