Trouble with the Mac keyboard?

Having trouble adjusting to the Mac keyboard layout?

As a software developer used to Windows machines, one thing I’ve found very frustrating since I started using Macs, is that the UK keyboard layout is different from the standard Windows keyboard. In fact, it seems to me that it is exactly the same as the US keyboard layout with a pound sign added to the 3 key.

By the way, if you are having trouble finding the # key on the Mac keyboard, it is also to be found on the 3 key – press ALT+3!

In particular, especially when writing Objective-C, where strings are denoted by @"this is a string", this problem becomes even more noticeable as the @ and ” buttons are reversed.

However, there is a solution. I found a great utility called KeyRemap4MacBook which allows you to remap your keys, and it even allows you to switch back to the Windows version of Home and End so they go to the start and end of a line! Very useful if you happen to use a Windows keyboard on your Mac, or you just prefer the Windows layout.

Just one word of warning though – your colleagues may find it very confusing if they need to use your computer!

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