InShot for iPhone
InShot for iPhone is quite simply the easiest way to take self-portrait photos on your iPhone! Our first camera application for the iPhone allows you to take self portraits easily and accurately.

Using advanced face detection and voice instructions, now your iPhone can take your picture for you! Your own personal photographer in an app!

Have you ever wanted a picture of yourself but no-one’s around to take it for you? Have you tried to take a picture of yourself and completely missed?

Get InShot!

Taking self-portraits on your phone has never been easier thanks to this clever app. Using face detection technology, InShot provides clear voice instructions to help you position the camera easily and accurately and will automatically take a photo so you get the perfect result every time. It’s like having your own personal photographer with you wherever you go!

This app works perfectly well in both portrait and landscape, and lets you review the shots taken before saving in full resolution to your camera roll.


– Take self-portraits easily
– Uses fast, accurate face detection
– Position and size where you want to appear in shot
– Clear voice prompts tell you which way to move
– Choose from a selection of 3 voices (male, female, or evil robot!)
– Works in both landscape and portrait
– Take up to 7 photos in a single burst
– Review up to 9 most recent pictures
– Select the best photos using image flow
– Save photos to the Camera Roll


1. Double tap the target box to activate
2. Point the camera at yourself
3. Follow the spoken instructions
4. Choose your favourite photo using image flow
5. Save the result to the Camera Roll


1. Make sure the volume is loud enough
2. Hold the phone steady at all times
3. Move the phone as instructed in small, even steps
4. Make sure your face is well lit
5. Relax, smile and have fun!

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