What we do…

Choosing a business partner for your mobile project is all about finding the right fit.

We’re creative, technically adept, and full of ideas (both business and technical) that could help you. Whatever type of project we take on, we’re open and interactive with our clients throughout the process, sharing and listening to feedback on ideas, designs, plans and project output. We don’t want to reinvent the wheel. We strive to use industry standard technologies to ensure the software we deliver follows best practices within the sector.

Take a look at our areas of expertise and see if we’re a good match for you:


In the age of the mobile app, good design (both aesthetics and technical) is key. Since the introduction of the iPhone, a new standard of visual appeal, intuitive interfaces and usability has been set. It’s vital that your app lives up to the high standard of expectation that now exists, and adds value to your existing brand and services.

In the early phase of all our projects we look at how we can complement the brand, product and service offerings with carefully thought out designs, incorporating existing ideas or plans you may have, and working with third party designers where required (we can also carry out design work in-house). Part of this process may also involve researching other apps, competitor offerings and user feedback on existing apps.


Our team brings many years of broad software development experience, having worked on large scale projects for major international companies. Along with experience with the Apple iOS and Android SDK, we have a background in web technologies which allows us to deliver cross-platform mobile experiences for our customers. We develop solutions for our clients using a technologically-agnostic approach, adapting to use the latest technologies and adopted best practices that fit the project’s requirements.


Unless your mobile app is completely standalone, the chances are it will need some kind of integration to other systems in order to receive data/updates, send user feedback or synchronise with existing services.

The team at Nfonix has an extensive background in systems integration, having worked with many different platforms, protocols and technologies. We can integrate apps to existing systems or develop customised solutions to suit your needs. These services can be provided as secure, lightweight transactions communicating with either your existing systems or our secure hosted services platform.

We can also provide payment and monetisation solutions using in-app purchase upgrades, paid advertising schemes, or integration with third party payment gateways (e.g. Worldpay, Paypal).


We can help you with the whole process of delivering your app to customers; including packaging the app and publishing on various app stores such as the iTunes App Store or Android Market. If you want to publish the app yourself, we can walk you through the process each step of the way, and assist in providing marketing materials such as screenshots, banners etc. Following the launch of your app, we can provide ongoing support, updates, hosted data services and feedback/statistics collected from users.

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