Tax your brain-cells with this new game release, Memneon!

Brain games for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch just got a whole lot brainier…

Designed by Steve Turnbull of Alchemista, and developed by Nfonix, Memneon is a visually stunning neon-style puzzle game, that makes full use of the latest high resolution retina display on iPhone 4 and iPod Touch, and also runs in full screen landscape mode on the iPad and iPad 2.

Memneon takes conventional memory games to a brain-busting new level, and is as simple to pick up as it is challenging and addictive.

Memneons are random patterns, and they link to form coloured Circuits that are wired to the Brain. Your goal is to memorise the Memneons, in order to reprogram the Brain before its energy drains..


* Unique gameplay, suitable for all ages
* Three fun-packed and fast-paced levels: Circuit Trainer (Easy), Circuit Breaker (Medium), and Circuit Switch (Hard)
* Stunningly colourful neon interface
* Millions of Memneon configurations guarantee endless fun
* Practice and Challenge modes, with smooth learning curve

Brain on. Game on. Memneon.

View the trailer on YouTube, or for more information visit the Memneon homepage.

Download the game from iTunes

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